Pulmonary Fibrosis NOW! (PF NOW!) is a nonprofit dedicated to using research, interactive learning and self-monitoring to educate the public about all treatments, including natural, supplemental, and alternative therapies, for treating chronic Pulmonary Fibrosis.


  • We envision a world where all people will fight PF right now and take charge of their health and health outcomes through research, education, and treatments – including natural, supplemental, and alternative therapies.
  • With our online community and educational website, people with and impacted by chronic PF will be able to ask questions, receive support, share their stories, connect with others, and become advocates for themselves and others. This includes friends, family, and caregivers!
  • In this global network, everyone in the general public (such as physicians, policymakers, and neighbors) will have an increased awareness of this chronic disease. Together, we will #fightPFNOW!

PF NOW! has 4 core values


Our staff share research, resources, and programs at no cost to the community; our participants share their personal stories, struggles, and support freely; our board members and volunteers give their time, energy, and skills to the organization; and those who can, choose to make charitable donations or host online fundraisers in support of our mission and vision and services.


Our services are designed to improve quality of life for anyone living with or impacted by PF; our efforts in research and education undergo strict quality controls and uphold the highest standards for validity, reliability and public safety; and our staff provide high quality personalized replies to participants’ questions and requests with immediacy and professionalism.


Our researchers are certified and verified to provide good clinical practices; our educators are trained to teach people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities; our participants with PF are treated as experts in their own healing journey; and our community members – including friends, relatives, and caregivers – are affirmed for their own anecdotal experiences.


Our research is interactive and self-paced so people can engage at their own pace; our education teaches people with PF how to self-monitor and self-advocate; our services build a powerful and diverse virtual community; and our approach encourages medical professionals, policymakers, and the general public to get involved by increasing awareness about PF.
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