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Potential of the Combination of a Systemic Enzyme Complex and Probiotics administration to Combat COVID-19: A Randomized Open Label Prospective Analysis.

Published February 8th, 2021.


Background: Enzymes have been used for therapeutic applications for decades owing to their anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects. Probiotics are well known to reduce the incidence and severity of several health-related conditions. To our knowledge, no clinical trial has evaluated the effects of a combination of systemic enzyme and probiotic supplementation in Covid-19 patients infected with the SARSCoV-2 virus.

Objective: We investigated the safety and efficacy of the health supplements ImmunoSEB (systemic enzyme complex) and ProbioSEB CSC3 (probiotic complex) as supplemental therapy in confirmed mild to moderate COVID-19 patients.

Methods: A randomized, open label, 2-arm, prospective study in patients with an RT-PCR confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 with a mild to moderate condition was conducted. The control arm (n=30) received standard of care (SOC) treatment and the test arm (n=30) received the oral supplements ImmunoSEB (500 mg/cap.) + ProbioSEB CSC3 (5 billion CFUs /cap.) for 14 days in addition to SOC. The efficacy and safety of the experimental regimen was compared with the control arm at various timepoints from days 1 to 21.

Results: A significantly higher proportion of patients in the test arm showed clinical improvement on day 10 vs the controls (93.33% vs 60%; p<0.05). No adverse events were reported in the test arm at any time during the study suggesting the safety of supplementation with ImmunoSEB + ProbioSEB CSC3. Patients in the test arm also had a shorter duration of hospitalization, quicker recovery and faster reduction in CRP levels as compared to the control arm.

Conclusions: The present study concludes that supplemental therapy with ImmunoSEB + ProbioSEB CSC3 accelerates clinical improvement in mild to moderate COVID-19 patients. While there is no vaccine or specific drug to completely cure SARS CoV-2 infection, the proposed supplemental therapy could be a potential tool to aid in the recovery of COVID-19 of patients.

Keywords: COVID-19; ImmunoSEB; ProbioSEB CSC3; RT-PCR; SARSCoV-2; Supplement therapy

Management of Post COVID-19 Fatigue using Systemic Enzymes and Probiotics - Case Series.

Published February 23rd, 2021.


Background: Several long-term health consequences are seen in patients with COVID-19, with some symptoms persisting for months after resolution of the infection. Weakness and muscle fatigue are reported to be the most common persistent symptoms. However, there is no specific medication for post-viral fatigue.

Case Discussion: Eight patients experiencing fatigue post discharge from COVID-19 hospitalization were included in the case study. Of these, one patient each experienced muscle pain and nausea, in addition to fatigue; 2 had comorbid conditions and reported concomitant medications. Vitals were stable in patients throughout the study. Patients were treated with ImmunoSEB (BD) and ProbioSEB CSC3 (OD) for 14 days. The supplemental treatment resulted in a significant improvement (p < 0.001) in fatigue as assessed by the Chalder Fatigue Scale (CFQ-11) scores on days 5 (17.13), 7 (12.38), 10 (7.63), 12 (4.38), and 14 (2.75) as compared to the post-COVID baseline (26.63). All patients reported no more than usual or less than usual fatigue at the end of the 14 days treatment period. No adverse events were reported.

Conclusion: The present cases demonstrate that a 14 days supplementation of ImmunoSEB + ProbioSEB CSC3 significantly reduces post-COVID-19 fatigue in patients. The proposed supplement regimen could be a potential tool to aid in the recovery of COVID-19 patients, many of whom continue to experience severe fatigue several months after initial infection. A large-scale, placebo-controlled prospective study is warranted to further evaluate this effect.

Keywords: SARS-CoV-2 infection; COVID-19 disease; Fatigue; Chalder Fatigue Scale; ImmunoSEB + ProbioSEB CSC3