PF NOW! has a variety of programs personalized for those with PF, impacted by PF, or interested in learning more about PF. Our services are offered at no cost to the public and currently occur virtually via our website, an online community forum, and Zoom.

We welcome participants no matter what level of progression in the disease they may be experiencing, and we strive to provide a comprehensive, community-oriented, and compassionate approach to healing.

Here are the 4 core programs we offer to help people fight PF right now. Please sign up for our newsletter to receive updates, and contact us directly if you’d like to learn more or receive our support.


Our research programs include well-designed, reliable clinical trials for natural, supplemental, and alternative therapies. The publications are available here:


Our education programs include

  • essential information on PF
  • a comprehensive curriculum
  • a list of self-paced learning challenges
  • regularly updated blog posts about relevant PF content
  • seasonal special education weeks featuring key themes such as pulmonary rehabilitation, supplemental oxygen and nutrition


Our advocacy programs include online community forums and virtual support groups that help people impacted by PF. Through social media, we help people speak for themselves, feel heard, receive emotional support, and share their stories.


Our awareness programs utilize staff knowledge and resources to share relevant news in monthly newsletters, and to respond to the public with detailed and personalized replies regarding any questions, comments, or concerns about fighting PF.

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