Dr. Neha Shah is the Director of Pulmonary Fibrosis NOW! (PF NOW!). She has a PhD in Nutritional Sciences, a diploma in clinical research, and over 20 years of experience conducting research and controlled clinical trials in the field. With a personal connection to Pulmonary Fibrosis (PF) and a lifelong commitment to community service, she’s successfully created a safe, supportive culture at PF NOW! Her empowering programs and world-renowned research have improved the quality of life for countless people living with PF. Thanks to Neha’s experience and leadership, the team at PF NOW! currently consists of compassionate advocates, talented educators, and expert researchers of natural, supplemental, and alternative treatments for PF. Altogether, the staff, volunteers, and participants of PF NOW! are proving new possibilities for healing and touching as many lives affected by this disease as possible.

Sarah Callif is a consultant who assists the director at PF NOW! She has a Master’s in Nonprofit Administration, a Bachelor of Science in Community Engagement and Education, and over 12 years of experience growing programs focused on community-based education and public health. Personally, she is healing from pulmonary concerns through natural, supplemental, and alternative therapies. Inspired by all the participants who have shared their stories, Sarah collaborates closely with board members and volunteers. She is amazed by all the supporters who have launched online fundraisers to further the mission, vision, values, and services at PF NOW!


A team of trained PF professionals has teamed up to form an Advisory Committee for PF NOW! Please stay tuned for exciting updates on their work together.

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