Support Group Follow Up

Dear PF NOW! Participants,


Thank you so much for attending support group with PF NOW! As promised, here is a follow up from the conversations we had as a group:


More about a PF diagnosis:


Symptoms & side effects:


Inflammation & immune health:


Natural therapies:

As always, please consult with your healthcare team before making changes to your treatment plan. Please note that systemic enzymes have a mild blood thinning effect & should not be taken for those already on blood thinners. 


Nutrition & gut health:




Lung transplants:


For those who are relatives and/or caregivers:


Tips to help with mindset and anxiety:


Please let us know if you have any questions or if there’s anything we can do to support you. We hope to see you at next month’s meetup on Tuesday, April 12th. Until then, you can always stay in touch with participants by posting in our community group at Pulmonary Fibrosis NOW Group | Facebook.


Thanks again for attending and supporting each other.


Kind regards,


Sarah Callif

Assistant Director

Pulmonary Fibrosis NOW!
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