Nearly 1 in 5 caregivers are informal or unpaid, so saying thanks can go a long way. Since Caregiver Appreciation Day is coming up on Wednesday, March 3rd, here are creative ideas for expressing your gratitude, with or without words: 

  1. Write a thank you card or send a thank you message 
  2. Spend quality time together doing something you both enjoy (board games, movies, arts & crafts, etc.) 
  3. Exercise together by going on a walk. While moving, you can chat about the things you’re grateful for!
  4. Do a mindfulness meditation together to rest, relax, and connect.
  5. Share a meal together. You can arrange a meal delivery from a neighbor, purchase a gift card to a restaurant in your area, or cook something nutritious together. 
  6. Make a care package with self-care items like a gift card to a spa, face masks, and bath bombs. Care packages can have a variety of themes, so have fun with it! 
  7. Plan some time off for your caregiver, or arrange help for something your caregiver would usually do. Apps like Lotsa can let you easily organize help for rides, meal prep, and more. 
  8. Invite your caregiver to connect with community and receive support from others who are similarly supportive and caring. Let them know about resources like our support group so they know they’re not alone, or share articles to help them manage responsibilities and provide the best care possible.  
  9. Make a donation on their behalf to Pulmonary Fibrosis NOW! or another organization they are passionate about.
  10. Sign a petition advocating for caregivers’ rights.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Caregiver Appreciation Day, remember to celebrate yourself too! 

To connect with others who can relate, join our online community forum, and attend our virtual support groups on Zoom.

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