Our next Special Education Week will feature the topic of inflammation and PF! Please join us July 11th thru 17th to learn about inflammation, its significance for people with PF, and natural ways to get it under control. 

What to expect:

  • On Sunday, July 11th, we will feature a blog post to help you understand inflammation and PF
  • On Monday, July 12th, we will start a conversation on our online community forum about inflammation and PF
  • On Tuesday, July 13th, we will have a virtual support group for people with or impacted by PF. After introductions, our Director, Dr. Neha Shah, will give a short presentation on inflammation and PF and answer any questions you have. There will be plenty of space for you to share and receive support from people with PF too!
  • On Wednesday, July 14th, we will publish tools you can use to measure and monitor inflammation in your own body.
  • On Thursday, July 15th, we will post a new blog about natural ways to reduce inflammation. Stay tuned for a list of anti-inflammatory foods recommended for people with PF – and clear warnings on what to avoid! 
  • On Friday, July 16th, we will have virtual office hours for you to meet with our Assistant Director, Sarah Callif, and join her in breathing exercises or guided meditations related to fighting inflammation.
  • On Saturday, July 17th, we will wrap up the week by sharing recent research about inflammation and PF

How to participate:

  1. Register for our support group here
  2. Join our private community forum here
  3. Follow our public Facebook page
  4. Regularly check our blog

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