Are you seeing a specialist you’d recommend to other patients with PF? If so, please fill out our questionnaire to help us prepare for our upcoming special education week. If not, no worries – we’ll keep you posted and share a list of patient-recommended PF specialists as soon as it’s ready. 

Either way, please save the dates for Self Advocacy week on October 17th-23rd. In this Special Education Week, we’ll focus on the theme of self-advocacy and help you stand up for yourself no matter the circumstances. 

Get ready for a full week of programming! Here is the schedule: 

  • October 17th: Advocacy stories 
  • October 18th: Tips for finding the right care
  • October 19th: When to get a 2nd (or 3rd) opinion
  • October 20th: Deciding on treatment options
  • October 21st: Understanding research publications
  • October 22nd: Recordkeeping for PF patients
  • October 23rd: Advocating for others with PF 

Until then, know we are here to support you. Our monthly support group will be meeting on October 12th, and you can sign up here if you have not done so before. You can also post 24/7 in our online community forum.

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