With time, more and more people are understanding the realities of COVID-19 long haul (or “Post COVID-19 Condition”). 

  • In September, we posted a blog about our latest research publication here
  • The following month, we shared tips for understanding research publications here
  • This month, we have an exciting announcement!

The Announcement:

The NIH’s Office of Dietary Supplements has cited our latest study in their Fact Sheet about dietary supplements in the time of COVID-19. Our study is featured in the section about probiotics. We are grateful for this opportunity to bring awareness to the combined healing potential of systemic enzymes and probiotics

This fact sheet is designed to educate and inform health care professionals. Please spread the word and share the link with your doctor, pulmonologist, or the other specialists you know. Comment below if you have any questions about its content. 

If you or someone you know has survived COVID-19 but is still struggling with symptoms weeks or months later, please sign up for our support group and join our community forum

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