Have you begun keeping track of your own medical records? 

  • If so, you may already be noticing the benefits of recordkeeping.  
  • If not, you can get started by visiting Part 1 of this series about recordkeeping and printing off the template for your Weekly Update

Either way, keep reading to access another template!

To continue your recordkeeping efforts, click here. Then print the template & fill it out from home. The photo below shows a preview of the template titled “My Treatment Plan.” 

Since recordkeeping can feel stressful, we recommend asking a relative or caregiver you trust to help with the process. Together, you can make a copy of our recordkeeping templates and fill them out. 

Filling out this template will help you decide on the best treatment options for you. It will also help with keeping track of the treatments you have tried or want to try. Over the course of months or years, you’ll be able to reflect upon these efforts, measure your progress, and take control of your health. 

There are many more reasons to keep track of your medical records. Stay tuned for Part 3 of this Recordkeeping series, where we’ll list all the reasons and provide another template to help people with PF. 

For encouragement or more recordkeeping ideas, please sign up for our support group and join our community forum

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