November was PF NOW!’s birthday month! 

Thank you for allowing us to dedicate another meaningful year to our mission of using research, interactive learning, and self-monitoring to educate the public about all treatments including natural, supplemental, and alternative therapies – for treating chronic PF. If our mission resonates with you, please consider making a tax-deductible donation here

Our organization has grown significantly over the years.

In just 4 years, our services have helped countless people with or impacted by PF. This past year, we’ve reached participants in over 40 countries, published 5 research studies, and hosted 11 support group events. 

Individuals within the PF NOW! community have also grown personally this past year. 

As shown in our advocacy interviews, there are many people who have turned their fight against PF into an uplifting approach for boosting their overall health and improving their PF symptoms and quality of life

The year isn’t over yet though – there’s still time for each and every one of us to help fight this disease right NOW!

Since fighting PF can feel very difficult and isolating, let’s take this opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments together. Throughout this month, for our nonprofit’s birthday celebration, please join us in the following empowering activities:

WEEK 1: 

December 1st-7th

Take the first steps by starting our breathing challenges here, where you’ll…

  1. Read about breathing techniques and take an educational quiz
  2. Try a new breathing exercise
  3. Practice a breathing exercise all week

Empowerment opportunity: 

  • Try extra breathing exercises here

WEEK 2: 

December 8th-14th

Take the next steps by completing the learning challenges here, where you’ll…

  1. Learn about systemic enzyme therapy and take an educational quiz
  2. Get involved in ways to fight PF right now!
  3. Stay in the know by learning about research

Empowerment opportunity: 

  • Join us December 14th for our virtual support group meetup. You’ll get the chance to connect with others about these challenges and get advice or encouragement for continuing your own growth. 

WEEK 3: 

December 15th-21st

Take on another set of steps by completing the natural therapy challenges here, where you’ll…

  1. Read about natural therapies and take an educational quiz
  2. Try a new therapy or make a new addition to your diet
  3. Practice your new therapy or implement the new snack into your diet all week

Empowerment opportunity: 

  • Find more information about nutrition here.

WEEK 4: 

December 22nd-28th

Accept brand new advocacy challenges by… 

  1. Writing about your PF story in our community forum here
  2. Sharing your PF story on our website by contacting us here 
  3. Commenting to support others’ PF stories at the blogs listed here

Empowerment opportunity: 

  • Get inspired by others’ PF-related advocacy efforts here


December 29th-31st

Congratulations on completing the breathing, learning, natural therapy, and advocacy challenges! Let’s wrap up the birthday celebrations with enough gratitude to last for many years of growth and hope to come. Welcome the year of 2022 by…

  1. Practicing mindfulness & meditation here 
  2. Making a donation to support PF research and programs here
  3. Increasing awareness about PF by spreading the word on social media here

Empowerment opportunity:

  • Watch our Director’s video about her personal connection with PF here. Send a similar video sharing YOUR personal connection with PF to We’d love to feature you on our site! 

Thank you for celebrating our birthday month! We know there is still work to be done, and we look forward to sharing more PF-related research and programs with you in 2022.

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