The tips in this article were created by community members in our online forum and compiled by our dedicated volunteer Parshwa Parekh. Thank you to everyone who shared their time, knowledge, and experience to help make PF treatments more accessible and affordable to all! 

Has your doctor talked to you about the treatment options for PF? Is the cost of commonly prescribed PF medications like Nintedanib and Pirfenidone preventing you from fully considering all the options? No matter how long you’ve been fighting PF, deciding on a treatment option can be difficult. If your doctor has discussed prescribing medications, but you’re unable to consider it due to financial barriers, read on for affordable access to these PF medications.

Below are patient-recommended resources to help with medication costs:

Here are additional tips from patients:

  • Talk to your doctor about your financial concerns, and ask if they are able to advocate for you.
    • In many cases, the doctor can provide the necessary information for insurance to approve the prescription. If the request is denied, you can ask your doctor for help appealing the decision. One patient shared an experience of their doctor successfully appealing a Medicare decision, so nearly 95% of the medication costs are now covered. 
    • If the request continues to be denied, patients recommend asking your doctor, “What specialty pharmacy do you use?” so that you can personally call the pharmacy and request financial assistance. You may be able to apply for copay assistance there. 
    • Another patient described their doctor’s process of writing to the medication manufacturer, filling out the manufacturer’s requested paperwork, and then waiting for approval. They say, “It took me 2 months for approval, but I pay zero dollars now.” 
  • Research Prescription Assistance Programs near you. Patients recommend keeping a written log of all your efforts with this, so you can easier recall the companies you contacted, the people you spoke with, any paperwork you completed, and other details on the application process. 

No matter your financial status, we are here to help you fight PF. For personalized support, please join our community forum and sign up for our support group meetups. To learn about affordable treatment options in addition to or instead of the commonly prescribed medications, please visit these links:

Stay In Touch

PF Now! hosts a virtual support group on Zoom every month. Not only will you strengthen your network of connections but you’ll learn firsthand how those with PF best look after themselves. PF Now! also has a Facebook group whose active community shares their PF journey and their tips with others. New to online support groups? Download our free step-by-step guide for online advocacy here.

Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of any information received from us.

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